Hello! We are blessed to have you visit our blog.  My name is Robb and along with my best friend Curt Lee and the help of our awesome wives, family and some friends, we present to you our blogsite: 

One Savior and a Cheeseburger. 


You are probably wondering why we named it One Savior and a Cheeseburger.  That's a great question.  And really it was because Five Loaves, Two Fish and one Greasy Cheeseburger was a little too long. But honestly, We wanted something that honored Christ and our belief that He is our one and only true savior and at the same time allow readers and followers know that we are here to have a good time and provide some thought provoking, hard-nosed information about anything and everything under the sun (and the Son). 


So there are a few different pages to provide you with some great entertainment. Our Home page has a few opportunities to share some of your life with us.  It also is where you can find our blog.  Come and read some of our thoughts.  Most of the time you'll see Curt's and my thoughts but we hope to have the insights of other brilliant minds as well.  

Our Victories page is a great place to go and not only see how God is awesome and working in the lives of others, but a place for you to go and share your own personal victory if you'd like.  God is fantastic and we know this, but it becomes more real when we see others share how they are affected by His love.


The Tools page is great place to stop and check out some of the things we think would be beneficial for our every day walk of life.  Now we aren't talking about like mechanic tools, but apps, or Sunday school materials, or swords...you know to survive the zombie apocalypse.


Of course there is the Cheeseburger page.  I know, what is that all about?  Great question.  A better one is what ISN'T it about?  Here you can read some great reviews on just about anything.  From movies to restaurants to books and most importantly cheeseburgers.  Also a great feature on this page is your opportunity to share your favorite cheeseburger with us.  How cool is that?  I bet no other blog does that? 

And lastly our Podcast page.  Join us we chat about any subject under the sun from comic book heroes to music, to movies to cheeseburgers.  We typically cast each week but you never know there may be a surprise pop up podcast here and there so make sure you stay tuned!


There you have it.  Hey if you liked what you saw share our blog with your friends and family.  We sure would appreciate it.  If you have some thoughts and how we might improve you can email us at onesaviorandacheeseburger@gmail.com.  You can also visit us on facebook at facebook.com/onesaviorandacheeseburger.

And stop back often, who knows what you will see next time!


Peace Be With You!

-RoBB and Curt Lee