The Super Bowl: Winning Isn't Everything

This weekend is the Super Bowl. Two hard nosed teams will be waging war against each other to claim a prize sought by many. Manly men will be pushing and shoving, gnashing teeth, scratching and clawing, running and diving. All to get a ball made of pigskin from one side of a field to another.

Now don't get me wrong, I love football. I love the planning, the team work, the sneakiness, comradery, the highs and the lows, the death defying catches, the down field passes, the sacks, the hits, the lousy commentating.

But after the game is done, it doesn't really matter who won. Yes, there will be much celebrating, awards given, interviews to be had, trips to Disney World, but none of that matters. Well, at least it shouldn't. The day after will be like any other day. We will all live our lives, some may be happier than others, but the euphoria of the previous day will be over. It honestly will be a blip in history.

Why is that? Because winning isn't everything. Most of us will stop and watch the World Series, the Super Bowl, College Football Championship, the Final Four, the Master's Championship, Wimbledon, the Kentucky Derby, World Cup, Stanley Cup, the Olympics, the Daytona 500, the Indy 500, the NBA finals, a title Boxing bout, Wrestlemania, UFC #555, but how many will stop for church, for a t-shirt fundraiser to raise funds for a service dog, or participate in a walk to raise awareness for childhood diabetes, or take the time to have a beer with a neighbor, have a conversation, or even take the time to pray or just send a few words of encouragment?

I am guilty! I have stopped my life, my schedule to put these events into it. They have become part of my routine. I'm not saying these things are horrible, or we should boycott these things. What I am saying is we need to re-evaluate. We need to take a hard look at what should take presedence in our lives.

As for me, there are days that God rides next to me on this roller coaster we call life. Many times he rides in the middle car and sometimes he rides in the last car. Honestly that is not okay. He should always ride next to me. My wife and children in the following cars, then my family, friends, then work. Winning isn't anything if your priorities are not where they should be. You can't even play the game.

God has done so much for me that he should've been first all along. There is a long list of what I have been blessed, but the most important and the biggest one that matters, is that even though I am a sinner and didn't deserve it, He sent His only son, Jesus Christ to die for my sins and forgave me of them.

So, come Super Bowl Sunday, I will be at church, praising the Lord! When the game comes on I will be watching, but I will be making sure that the Lord will be cheering with me. One Savior and a Cheeseburger!


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