It's a trap! It must be right?! All of it. Everything from social media to religion, from the news outlets to the internet. None of it seems reliable anymore. Everyone is trying to sell you on something right?!

I turned 40 earlier this year and I realized one day that I had become a very skeptical person. Now, don't get me wrong, for the most part I am a very jovial person who likes to have fun, but I have slowly become crotchety when it comes to others trying to sell me on something. From car salesmen, to politics, to theology, world news and more.

One news outlet hates Democrats the other hates Republicans. We hardly see the good in the world anymore, it's mostly negative. The Russians bought ad space on Facebook. Twitter is ransacked with political nonsense and tantrums between different figure heads.

So what happened? I guess one day I just became fed up with it all. But it was really me against the ridiculous that was. What I mean is that it bothers me when someone says that we as a people should be open and non-judgmental, we should have conversations and be accepting of all peoples, but on the other end they are not open, they are judgmental, they don't want to have conversations, they are not accepting of others. These are the same people who take one poor example of something and make it their life's work to put down everything that that something stands for.

It's like saying that all Republicans love Donald Trump. Or that all Muslims are terrorists. Let's get real! It's absurd! And beyond that its stupid and ignorant!

So, let's talk about traps. I am a Christ follower. I am not what most see as a typical Christian. And really that in itself is ridiculous. I am not some homophobic, anti-Muslim, gun-toting-conservative. I am a lover of all people because my God loves all people. I gave my life to Christ because He first gave His life for me. Yes, I have my own views, but I am a conversationalist. Don't assume you know me because I subscribe to a particular theology. Don't assume you know a group of people because they subscribe to that same theology or a different line of thinking for that matter. I know better than to judge the whole because of one part.

With that being said, be different. Be open, really open. Have some serious conversations.

Don't judge a book by it's title.

Don't fall into the trap!

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