There is so much going on in our world today. Especially our very own nation. It is time that we took a moment and boldly pray that people as a whole would come to know and love our Lord Jesus Christ. Say what you want, believe what you want, but this is what I believe our world needs now more than ever. We have more murders, rapes, racism, immigration issues, death from earthquakes, floods, and all types of natural disasters and diseases than ever before.

As Christ followers we are called to boldly pray for the lost and hurting.

As Christ followers we are to boldly speak the Word of God to all who will listen in the name and love of Jesus Christ.

As Christ followers we are to boldly love all, no matter what country they come from and what their national origin or belief system is. We are to be the light in the dark.

As Christ followers we are to boldly go out to all nations spreading the Good News and baptizing those who would believe in the name of Jesus Christ.

As Christians, our faith, our "religion" has become known as one of "being better" than everyone else. We have many Christians that claim that they know better, are better, their skin is better, their money is better, their country is better, they are just better. This sense of entitlement and narcissism is what drives the lost away from having a true relationship with Christ.

I'm sorry, those who claim to be better, are not. Jesus said the first would be last and the last shall be first. We need to humble ourselves and love all as Christ loves all. That means everyone, even the ones we "detest". We are called to love our enemies as Christ loves His Church. We are told to serve one another, to put others before ourselves.

If you claim to follow Christ, you need to fall to your knees, lift up your voice to God for his mercies on this place we call Earth.

The people of God, the followers of Christ need to focus on others. Not themselves. We need to focus on how we can help the lost, not how we can pad our wallets. We need to focus on how we can build better communities not bigger churches.

So many churches die every week, so many pastors leave the office because they don't receive the support that we as Christ followers are called to give them. Without these people who are willing to wade into the murky waters of an infected lost world, without those who have been called by the Lord to spread the Gospel on Christ's behalf, without the missionaries who are traveling thousands of miles to change the lives of just one who doesn't know God, our chances becoming a world of peace, let alone a nation of peace, is not even worth computing.

As one who works with the lost youth of today and has for over twenty years, as one who has worked alongside ministers and pastors to help reach the lost, to help bring together the body of Christ, I have looked in the cave of darkness where the beast lays it's head and I can tell you that if we do not come together as a people, loving each other in the name of God and Jesus, we will be the next meal.

We will see even more death, more disease, more babies crying, more war, more violence.

It starts with each of us. We have to change our hearts. Each individual. Then those individuals need to change the body of Christ, His church. The body must learn to completely love and serve one another. Only then, can the body be healthy enough to serve the community. Then the community will see what love really is. The community will then love enough to love other communities and they will love together as a nation. Nations will learn to love other nations, and then the world will begin to have peace.

But it all starts with God's love... Boldly love one another, I dare you. Boldly!

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