Are You Ready?

As some may or may not know, I had a cardiac event back in August and spent about a week in the hospital. After many tests, my diagnosis was microvascular angina and one artery was 40% clogged and another was 20% clogged.

Now, I don't know if you noticed or not but I have cheeseburgers. Actually, I love all kinds of foods. My wife makes some outstanding food that I especially enjoy. And all too often, I enjoy seconds more than I should. This has left my physique... let's just say, very jolly and round.

I have often wondered about the condition of my heart. But not necessarily from a health perspective. More in a "am I fulfilled?" way. If that makes any sense what so ever. It used to be that every day I would ask God to show me who I am and what my purpose on this earth was. And you know what response I get in return? Silence.

Day after day, I received silence. It racked my brain and my soul as to why such an awesome and loving God would not respond to this question. I pleaded and begged for some kind of sign or resemblance of an answer. But nothing ever came.

Then I realized I needed to ask myself, is there a reason why I am not getting any answer from God? I reevaluate my question. It was a matter of bad timing. The God I know wants to tell me what my purpose is and wants to tell me who I am, but I'm was not ready to know yet.

I was not ready to hear the answer to the question. My heart was not ready to go to that place yet. God decided to answer my question with a question of His own. He asked me if I was ready to know the answer? And rightfully so. Am I ready for the answer He wants to give me?

Am I ready to know who I am and who and what I am supposed to be?

When I ask myself those questions my heart starts to beat rapidly. I know the neurons in my brain are firing faster and faster because my thoughts start going anywhere and everywhere.

How is my soul? Is my heart ready to move ? Is my body a place for Christ to live in? What can I do to improve my soul so that Christ would be proud? What happened that I am where I am now? Who can I turn to to help me when I feel doubt? Am I man enough to stand up to my demons?

Those are just some of the questions I have for myself.

I know I am ready to finally hear God's answer to my questions. Although at times I may be a little apprehensive about what that answer might be. And, it may be that He has been given me snippets of His answer here and there all along. The only way to know is to pray and really listen. Pay attention to everything. For God doesn't always answer us in the way we expect.

I know I am not alone in this. I know there are probably many out there that are asking the same questions themselves. But each of us are different. We each have our own questions.

The key is to be patient and make sure we are asking the right questions. Prepare yourself for the answers. The answers that God will give you, not what you just want to hear.

Get a group of people around you to help you fight the demons of doubt, worry, anxiety, fear, and selfishness. Because if you let these emotions in, it will only make being ready that much harder.

Who fights in our corner with us can mean a world of difference in whether or not we win the battle. Whether or not God will reveal His answers to you. Of course God is Lord of Lords and will answer you anytime, anywhere. But, I believe His best answers He keeps until you are prepared and willing to receive them regardless of what they are.

But I have one last question. And it's for you. It's my time to prepare. I need a group of people to surround me and stand with me and help me to stay prepared to listen to God's answers. Those who are willing to fight with the full armor of God. To use the Sword of God's Spirit at any moment you are called upon. I know, it's a big ask.

Will you stand in my corner? Will you back me up?

Let us come together right now and stand in each other's corner. Let's fight for one another. Let's forgive our pasts and push forward. This is the only way we will win against the devil and truly be prepared to listen to God.

Who's with me?

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