Every day is a battle!


Everyday we face struggles.  Every day we wage war against distractions, naysayers, emotional tyrants, depression, all the little things that the devil and the world wants to throw at us.  

We fight and we pray against such things every day and every moment.  We gain ground and we win.  One little victory at a time.  


As a community it is important for us to share these victories.  So, we welcome you to share your victories with us so that we can share them with everyone else.  


Now we aren't asking you to give us intimate details of of your sins or what have you but let us know how you were able to win your battle and gain a victory.


Thank you for sharing!  We know it's not always comfortable to share things with complete strangers. However, we belive sharing these small victories with one another can make the community stronger!

want to share your victory with us?

It's a great day. Share your victory!


Moscow, OH

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